The postgraduate students of IELS Program (Private Law direction only) who wish to be candidates for traineeship with EUIPO / EPO under the Pan European Seal Program are required to submit an application with supporting documents by 15 February 2022. There will be no extension of this deadline.

It is noted that EUIPO/EPO have chosen the specific postgraduate programs themselves and do not accept applications from students of other postgraduate programs.

The application is made with a simple and short e-mail. In this e mail students must clarify if they wish to apply only to EUIPO or only to EPO or to both organizations (in the latter case stating which is their 1st and 2nd preference). EUIPO is based in Alicante and deals with trademarks and industrial designs and EPO is based in Munich and deals with patents.

The supporting documents that must be submitted are:

(a) Copies of undergraduate or postgraduate degrees already completed and obtained;

(b) Detailed transcripts with the grades achieved in their degrees, so that we have the average grade achieved in each degree.

(c) Certificates of language proficiency, at a level of C1 or higher, from which the relevant grade can be obtained.

The copies of the above documents do not need to be translated or certified. They can be submitted by scanned e-mail.

The application and the supporting documents can be sent by a simple e-mail (by writing on the e-mail subject line: Info about traineeship EUIPO/EPO). This e-mail must be addressed to Mrs. Elisavet Voutsinou (evoutsi[at]uoa[dot]gr). 

The pre-selection of the candidates by our School is based on academic criteria, i.e., the degrees, the grades and the languages proficiency.

Students wishing to apply should carefully read the previous Announcements explaining the details of this programme, as well as the information published on the EUIPO/EPO websites. Information leaflets can also be requested from Mrs. Chalkiadaki and Mrs. Voutsinou. It is not practically possible to include information in the present announcement. The following points are briefly highlighted:

Our School pre-selects up to 10 students to be proposed to EUIPO and up to 10 more students to be proposed to EPO. We are not allowed to nominate the same students to both organizations.

The final selection is made by EUIPO/EPO according to their own criteria, but among those students proposed by our School. EUIPO/EPO are not bound to select any of our students and they follow their own evaluation process with interviews, etc. However, EUIPO/EPO do not consider applications that have not been pre-selected and forwarded by our School. Therefore, students cannot submit applications directly to EUIPO/EPO, without being pre-selected by our School first.

EUIPO/EPO require that candidates have attended the on line training courses offered through their websites. In particular: Candidates for EUIPO must obtain a certificate of attendance to the seminars "EUTM in a Nutshell” (approximately 4 hours) and/or “RCD in a Nutshell” (approximately 4 hours). Students who are interested in EPO, must consult the relevant announcements about the required on line courses on the EPO website. These on line seminars are offered free of charge.