The LLM Programme in International and European Legal Studies consists of two separate LLM Courses: a) Private Law and Business Transactions and b) International and European Law.

It is generally accepted that in today’s globalized world there is no such thing as a purely national private law. Legal practitioners, judges, national and European institutions, as well as public and private entities, are increasingly confronted with rules and doctrines of International and European origin. In this respect, the Private Law and Business Transactions Master’s at the Athens Law School offers students a wide variety of intensive modules which cover the whole range of modern private transactions, with a particular focus on their international and mainly European dimension. This course provides an overview of all contemporary issues in the field of private law, considering especially the developments of EU legislation and case law. It seeks to provide students with a solid doctrinal and practical background which shall allow them to successfully cope with the ever-demanding academic environment, while developing their careers at the highest level of national and international practice.

The specialized LLM course International and European Law provides an advanced and comprehensive study in Public International Law (PIL) and/or European Union Law (EUL). Students may choose from a variety of core and optional modules: The core modules (2 modules in each specialisation) aim to provide students with a firm theoretical and practical foundation in Public International Law or European Union Law. The optional modules permit students to pursue a more focused approach in specific areas in both of these fields, according to their interests. When more than 3/4 of their chosen subjects belong to either academic direction, their final degree will have the corresponding specialisation – otherwise, the final degree awarded will be an LL.M. in International & European Studies.