The Network

The Athens Law School became a member of the European Law School Network in 2020, thus enabling it to collaborate with some of the most prestigious Law Schools in Europe, which are the:  

  • Amsterdam Law School of the UNIVERSITEIT VAN AMSTERDAM
  • Juristische Fakultät of the HUMBOLDT UNIVERSITÄT ZU BERLIN
  • Dickson Poon School of Law of KING’S COLLEGE LONDON
  • Católica Lisbon School of Law of the UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA PORTUGUESA

The European Law School (ELS) Network was established in 2006 and aims to offer its postgraduate students an education that will meet the requirements of a truly European Lawyer. The ELS Network introduced for the first time an integrated European Programme of Legal Studies enabling its students the opportunity for extensive comparative and combined modern legal studies across Europe and leading to the awarding of the “Juriste Européen“ Certificate.

Participants in the ELS Network first study in their own countries obtaining their bachelor’s degree (at their home university). They subsequently continue their studies attending a LL.M Programme in two of the partner Universities of the ELS Network obtaining two Master’s degrees from these Universities. Thus, for example, a student from King’s College, London would continue his/her studies in the next year at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin or at La  Sapienza, Università di Roma and the year after at the Athens Law School or at  the Católica Lisbon School of Law. At the end of their studies the participants in the ELS Network obtain  the “Juriste Européen“ Certificate, which is testimony to their familiarity with three different legal cultures as well as their ability to express themselves eloquently up to the level of scholarly discourse in three diverse jurisdictions.

Each year, a total number of fourteen (14) students selected by the partner Universities of the European Law School Network can be admitted to the LL.M programme according to the admission rules and procedures of their home University. These students are not calculated to the maximum number of participants mentioned above.

The Vision

Students who participate in the ELS Network profit from the strong collaboration between the partner Universities of the Network, not only via the mobility of the teaching staff, but also through the active participation at summer schools. Once a year students and professors from all the participating countries come together, in order to practise modern legal skills and, cutting across national borders, to reflect collectively on contemporary legal issues, such as the “Law in the era of digitalization”. Thus, the alumni of the ELS Network are prepared for a leading role    or are prepared for participation in European and international law firms, as well as high positions in European and international institutions.