In order to obtain the LL.M. degree, students must successfully complete two semesters of mandatory and intensive taught modules, while conducting -under the supervision of our academic staff- legal research which shall lead to the production of an original item of written work in the form of a dissertation. For the successful completion of the programme students must obtain 75 ECTS.

The taught part of the LL.M. Programme is divided into two semesters (winter and spring). In each semester, three (3) core and many optional modules are offered. In order to cover the credit requirements pertaining to the coursework, students should attend four (4) modules in each semester (60 ECTS in total). At least two (2) of these modules should be chosen from a list of core modules which cover the most important legal issues in their specialisation. The remaining two (2) modules can be freely selected from the list of core modules of the student's specialisation and the list of optional modules which are common to both courses. The remaining credits (15 ECTS) are covered by the successful submission of the dissertation which must be produced during the summer period (mid-June – late September). Further information regarding the curriculum can be found in the respective course description (Private Law & Business Transactions, European Private Law).

The LL.M. courses start on 1 October and last until the first two weeks of June. The written or oral examinations take place in February and June, upon completion of each semester. Students may re-sit a failed examination in September following the end of the academic year. The Master thesis shall be submitted by 30 September of the year during which the spring semester takes place.