In order to complete the application procedure successfully, prospective students should collect and submit along with their online application, a pdf copy of the following documents:

  1. The application form (available here) personally signed by the candidate.
  2. Bachelor’s degree.
  3. A full academic transcript of records of their bachelor’s degree.
  4. Master’s Degree accompanied by a full academic transcript of records (if applicable).
  5. Certified copy of Bachelor’s degree accreditation by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (Hellenic NARIC or DOATAP), or at least a certified copy of the submitted application to the Hellenic NARIC for the issuance of the above accreditation (only for candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies at a non-Greek University). Due to the current pandemic, prospective students may exceptionally initiate the accreditation procedure once they have been admitted to the programme. Further information about the accreditation procedure can be found here.
  6. Proof of at least a C1 level certificate of the English language proficiency in English as per the language requirements or a statement indicating that they wish to be examined in English by a member of the academic staff.
  7. Proof of knowledge in German and/or French or a statement indicating that they wish to be examined in these languages by a member of the academic staff (if applicable).
  8. Copy of passport (only for international students)
  9. A curriculum vitae (CV) of no more than 2 pages in English.
  10. A personal statement of max. 400 words outlining their academic achievements and ambitions and underlying their motivation to attend the relevant LL.M Course.
  11. Official Certificate (only for judges and diplomats)

PLEASE NOTE: The university degrees and the respective transcripts shall be written either in Greek (provided that they are issued by a Greek authority) or officially translated in English and certified by a competent authority.

International candidates must send the application along with the accompanying documents exclusively electronically in the following email address: protocol[at]law.uoa[dot]gr.

Greek candidates shall submit the application and the accompanying documents exclusively in an electronic form through the following address: (login through taxisnet required).