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Optional Module (5 ECTS)


This module is intended to offer ELS students exposure to the origins and theoretical underpinnings of national (in comparative analysis), international and European Civil Procedure Law.


Upon completion of the course the student will be able to

  • understand the role of  the general principles of civil procedure law
  • discuss  the major issues and the latest  developments in international and European civil procedure law  on the basis of the case law of  national courts and the ECJ
  • interpret legal sources and literature in the field of  national (comparative analysis), international and  European procedural law


 In particular, the module covers the following subjects:

1. Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of decisions in divorces in the EU, matters of parental responsibility and matters relating to maintenance obligations#

2. Private arbitration and EU law.

3. Choice-of-court agreements in commercial matters (Regulation 1215/2012).

4. Jurisdiction to grant provisional measures and enforcement of provisional measures in the European legal order.

5. Grounds for refusal of recognition and enforcement of judgments in the EU in civil and commercial matters.

6. Jurisdiction relating to tort, product liability, defamation and intellectual property infringements in the EU.

Academic  requirements

Participants are required to have a basic knowledge of Civil Procedure Law, EU Law and Private International Law 

Teaching  method

The course will run under both seminar and workshop format which requires a high degree of student activity.


The course is taught by Assistant Professor Dr.  Ioannis  Delikostopoulos.

Assessment  and  testing

  • Oral exams at the end of the semester
  • Oral presentations (20-25 minutes)One short paper assignment (40%)