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Law School

Associate Professor of Private Law

Contact details

47 Akadimias str., 10672 Athens | Email: ggeorgiades[at]law.uoa[dot]gr           


George GEORGIADES is an Associate Professor of Private Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Law School. His principal teaching areas are civil and commercial law, with a particular emphasis on Property Law, Banking Transactions, Succession Law and Family Law, but he regularly publishes in all areas of civil law.

He was born in Athens (1976) and he has graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Law School in 1998. In 2000, he earned a Magister Legum (LL.M.) from the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich Law School. In 2003 he has been awarded a doctor in law (Dr.Jur.) from the University of Athens and in 2004 he has earned an LL.M. from the Harvard Law School.

In addition to his teaching career, George is a partner since 2004 of Apostolos Georgiades & Associates law firm. His professional work focuses on civil and commercial law and he regularly handles complex civil litigation and arbitration, while he has significant experience in International Arbitration both as arbitrator and as legal expert or counsel.

He is a native Greek speaker, while fluent in English, German and French. He is a father of three children


a) Books

  • The temporary impossibility to perform - Performance of contract in a pandemic (in Greek; P.Ν Sakkoulas, 2022)
  • The guarantee and its ancillary character (in Greek; P.Ν Sakkoulas, 2017)
  • Legal protection of forced heirship (in Greek; P.Ν Sakkoulas, 2013)
  • The assignment of future receivables (in Greek; Ant. Sakkoulas, 2006)
  • Contract Formation on the Internet (in Greek; Ant. Sakkoulas, 2003)
  • Die Höchstbetragsbürgschaft in der neueren Rechtsprechung (in Greek; Ant. Sakkoulas, 2000)

b) Articles and contributions in collective works

  • Forfeiture clauses in wills, Honorary Volume of Gianna Karymbali-Tsiptsiou, pp. 183-216 (forthcoming) (in Greek)
  • The right of the mother to refuse to exercise parental responsibility to the father who objected to the recognition, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2020, 253-258 = Exercise of parental responsibility of a child born out of wedlock - Contribution to the interpretation of CC 1515 § 3(b) in: Issues of Parental Care, Minutes of the 7th Panhellenic Conference of the Family Law Society, 2021, pp. 73-85 (in Greek)
  • The release of the guarantor due to frustration of the guarantee contract, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2019, 3-13 (in Greek)
  • The Code of Conduct for E-Commerce in: Legal Problems of Online Transactions - Minutes of the 2nd Conference of the Society for the Study of Commercial and Economic Law, pp. 29-40, 2018 (in Greek)
  • Issues arising from the distribution of parental responsibility between parents, Applications of Civil Law & Civil Procedure Law (Review) 2016, 903 = The person and the family in law and society - In memory of Professor Athanasios Papachristou, 2017, pp. 55-67 (in Greek)
  • The infringement and protection of the right of the parent to communicate with the child (CC 1520), Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2016, 721 (in Greek)  
  • Interpretation of Articles 201-210 of Civil Code in: Georgiades/Stathopoulos, Commentary of Civil Code, 2nd ed. 2016 (in Greek)
  • The statute of limitation concerning guarantees, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2014, 149-176 (in Greek)
  • The succession rights of the registered partner who survives, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2013, 561 (in Greek)
  • Interpretation of Articles 1825-1845 of Civil Code in: Georgiades, Short Commentary of Civil Code, 2013 (in Greek)
  • Interpretation of Articles 999-1032 of Civil Code in: Georgiades, Short Commentary of Civil Code, 2013 (in Greek)
  • Legal Aspects of the Sports’ Fans Interest to view Short News Reports from Football Games on Television, Media & Communication Law (Review), 2013, 6 (with A. Georgiades) (in Greek)
  • Guarantee of limited sum – The continuance of the guarantor’s liability following payments made by the debtor, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2012, 721 (with P. Papanikolaou) (in Greek)
  • Life insurance to the benefit of third parties, forced heirship and creditors of the estate, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2011, 407 (in Greek)
  • The limits of jurisdiction of the Technical Chamber’s Court of Arbitration, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2011, 388 (with A. Georgiades) (in Greek)
  • Objection of time limitation and resignation therefrom, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2010, 753 (in Greek)
  • Interpretation of Articles 455-470 of Civil Code in: Georgiades, Short Commentary of Civil Code, 2010 (in Greek)
  • Interpretation of Articles 914-938 of Civil Code in: Georgiades, Short Commentary of Civil Code, 2010 (in Greek)
  • The resignation from the right to terminate a commercial lease due to repentance after enactment of article 17 of law 3853/2010, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2010, 591 (in Greek)
  • The impossibility of performance due to fault of both the debtor and the creditor, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2009, 673 (in Greek)
  • The obligation of a bank to inform, enlighten and consult its client, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2008, 865 (in Greek)
  • Law 3471/2006 regarding the protection of private life in electronic communication, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2007, 17 (in Greek)
  • Punitive Damages in Europe and the USA: Doctrinal Differences and Practical Convergence, Revue Hellenique du Droit International (Review), 2005, 145
  • The request by the debtor of an assigned receivable to offset towards the assignee, Chronicles of Private Law (Review), 2005, 410 (in Greek)
  • The Protection of Distinctive Signs in the Internet - Domain Names, Business & Corporate Law (Review), 1999, 1243 (in Greek)