In this section, we will publish the results of the exams in the LL.M. in International and European Legal Studies. The results will be updated once we receive the grades of each course. 

LL.M. Course: Private Law and Business Transactions

Core Modules

1. Banking and Financial Transactions

2.Law and Economics

3. International Insolvency Law

4. E-commerce Law

Optional Modules

1. Law of Trademarks and Distinctive Signs

2. General Principles of Civil Procedure Law - International Civil Procedural Law

3.International and European Tax Law

LL.M. Course: International and European Law

Core Modules

1. The EU Internal Market: Economic Freedoms and Competition

2. Fundamentals of International Law

3. Fundamentals of EU Law

4.International Human Rights Law

Optional Modules

1.EU External Relations Law

2.Fundamental Rights in the EU

3. Law of the Sea

4.International Air, Space and Telecommunications Law

5. WTO Law

6.Contemporary Challenges of International Humanitarian Law