In this section, you will find the results of the exams in the LL.M. in International and European Legal Studies for the Spring Semester. The results will be updated once we receive the grades of each course.

LL.M. Course Private Law and Business Transactions

Core Modules

1. European Tort Law

2.Consumer Protection Law

3.Comparative and European Labour Law

4. Modern Issues of Competition Law

Optional Modules

1.Comparative Legal Systems

2. European Criminal Procedure Law

3.Comparative Public Law

Mandatory Seminar

Origins and Principles of Modern Private Law

LL.M. Course International and European Law

Core Modules

1. EU Governance and Security

2.EU Tax Law

3. International Dispute Settlement

Optional Modules

1.  Environmental protection in the EU

2.International and European Criminal Law

3. Economic and Monetary Union Law

4. International Investment Law and Arbitration

5. Cybersecurity and International Law

Mandatory Seminar

Origins and Principles of International and European Law